Econometrics focuses on the development and application of quantitative methods to model everything from individual consumer behaviour through to the collective workings of the economy.
This major is an option for students with strong skills in mathematics and graduates are employed in roles such as Economic and Business Forecaster, Economic Researcher, Financial Analyst, Graduate Economist, Investment Analyst, Market Researcher, Policy Advisor and Statistical Analyst.

Studying Econometrics at UNSW

Econometrics is offered as an undergraduate major by the UNSW Business School for students enrolled in economics degrees.

Students with above average grades in their Econometrics courses are invited to join the Honours program, requiring an additional year of study. An Honours year adds extra value to an undergraduate degree and is highly regarded by employers.

Econometrics can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name Stream Type Stream
3521 Commerce/Economics Major ECONE13521
3543 Economics Major ECONE13543
3563 Economics / Science Major ECONE13563
3564 Economics/Advanced Maths(Hons) Major ECONE13564
3566 Economics/Adv Science (Hons) Major ECONE13566
3574 Economics / Arts Major ECONE13574
3588 Actuarial Studies / Economics Major ECONE13588
4058 Economics/Educ (Secondary) Major ECONE14058
4502 Economics (Honours) Honours ECONEH4502
4744 Economics / Law Major ECONE14744

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