Mining Engineering


Mining Engineering is a gateway to one of the most diverse range of graduate career paths, offering very high salary levels and excellent opportunities for travel and career progression at a young age for both women and men.
In general, mining engineering is concerned with the safe, economic and environmentally responsible recovery, processing, marketing and financial management of mineral resources. In order to be able to undertake these tasks, mining engineers are required to have a broad education that incorporates aspects of many other disciplines. These disciplines include geology, civil and mechanical engineering, metallurgy, commerce, economics, management, law and information technology.
Mining engineering is an international profession with Australia's major mining companies operating in South East Asia, Africa, South and North America and Europe, and graduates have the opportunity to travel in their work if they so desire. Opportunities for Mining Engineers exist in a range of areas, including:
  • Mine production and management
  • Corporate management, financial analysis and merchant banking
  • Computer software development and automation
  • Consulting (mine design, financial analysis, geotechnics, environment etc)
  • Government (policy formulation, legislation, administration)
Studying Mining Engineering at UNSW

The study of Mining Engineering at UNSW is primarily through the School of Mining Engineering ( At an undergraduate level, the School offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering and various combined degree programs, including programs of study leading to a Masters qualification. Postgraduate coursework and research study are also available.

Mining Engineering can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name At the Level of Stream
3140 Mining Engineering Major MINEF13140
3142 Mining Engineering/Science Major MINEF13142
3144 Mining Engineering/Arts Major MINEF13144
3146 Civil Eng/Mining Eng Double Major MINEFD3146
3703 Engineering / Arts Major MINEF13703
3704 Engineering / Arts Major MINEF13704
3705 Engineering Major MINEF13705
3715 Engineering/Commerce Major MINEF13715
4776 Engineering / Law Major MINEA14776
4778 Engineering / Law Major MINEA14778

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 Mining Engineering

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