Engineering / Arts - 3704

Program Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Campus: Kensington Campus

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 5.5 Years

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 27

Min UOC For Award: 264

UAC Code: 425014

ATAR: 91.15  

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements

Information valid for students commencing 2013.
Students who commenced prior to 2013 should go to the Handbook's Previous Editions

Program Description


The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offer a dual degree program which qualifies students for two degrees after the equivalent of five and a half years of successful full-time study leading to the award of the degrees Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts (BE BA).

The Faculty of Engineering administers the program, and delegates administration to the School which offers the Engineering discipline selected. Students should seek advice from the relevant School Office in the first instance, or from the Faculty of Engineering. All programs must be approved by both the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

For Bachelor of Engineering please see Rules

For the Bachelor of Arts, please see program objectives and learning outcomes as listed in program3403

Program Structure

With this dual degree program, students must successfully complete courses that total at least 264 units of credit,168 UOC from the Faculty of Engineering and 96 UOC from the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. However, the total of 264 units of credit may be reduced to 240 units of credit (5 years) if Mathematics is taken as the minor stream in the BA component. Please see Academic Rules listed below for full details.

The BE BA dual degree is offered in the following Engineering disciplines:

General Education Requirements

Not applicable


Bachelor of Engineering
Honours in the BE component will be awarded for meritorious performance over the degree program with special attention paid to a candidate's performance in the final year courses and thesis project, please see link to Honours Policy Rules

Faculty of Arts & social Sciences
Students wishing to gain a degree at Honours level in Arts as part of their dual award degree must meet all the relevant requirements of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, including two additional sessions of study. Students may enrol for the Honours year only on the recommendation of the Head of their School in the Faculty of Engineering and with the approval of the Head of the appropriate School in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Academic Rules

Requirements for the Bachelor of Engineering in concurrent mode with the Bachelor of Arts

To obtain the Bachelor of Engineering and the Bachelor of Arts a student must successfully complete courses that total at least 264 units of credit and include courses making up at least 168 units of credit described in the degree requirements for the BE specialisation for which the student is enrolled except for the 12 units of credit General Education requirement and 12 units of credit of elective. Students must also complete 60 days of Industrial Training.

Academic rules relating to the Bachelor of Engineering in dual degree mode are as follows:
  1. Students may not count more than 60 units of credit of level 1 courses in this 168 units of credit;
  2. Students may only commence Level 2 courses once 30 units of credit of Level 1 courses have been successfully completed;
  3. Students may only commence level 3 courses once 72 units of credit have been successfully completed.
Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in dual degree mode

The basic requirements are 96 UOC as follows:
  1. A home major major stream (54 UOC)
  2. At least a minor stream (36 UOC)
  3. A prescribed Faculty Elective (6UOC)
Details of majors and minors available, and the Prescribed Faculty Elective, can be found on the 3403 Bachelor of Arts Program Page

Award with Distinction

High achieving students who secure a WAM of 75 across their program and who have completed at at least 48uoc of their program at UNSW are eligible for the award of their Pass Degree "with Distinction".

High achieving BA students (in Stand-Alone or Dual Degree Mode) may apply for entry to Honours. Honours is an additional year of study (two years part-time) which allows a student to further explore their depth studies. It involves seminars and the completion or a research project or thesis. Those students who are considering Honours should submit an expression of interest at the beginning of Level 3 and complete a formal application at the end of Level 3. Both should be submitted to the Stream Convenor or the Designated School or Stream Honours Convenor. Entry to Honours requires a WAM of 70 or higher in the stream(s) seeking to be further studied and is subject to resources and the approval of the Head of School in which the stream(s) is/are based. Honours is awarded in three classes (Class 1, Class 2 in two Divisions, and Class 3). If requirements for these classes are not met the Pass degree will be awarded if the student is not already a Graduate of the program.

Minor Streams and Honours
Students can complete a research project or thesis that draws on their studies in a minor stream. This can only be done, however, when in combination with their major stream.


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