Electrical Engineering - ELECAS8621

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Electrical Eng and Telecommunications


Program: 8621 - Engineering


Master of Engineering (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

The stream of Electrical Engineering enables students to specialise, and gain depth of knowledge across a broad range of areas, including signal processing, energy systems, control systems, microsystems and photonics.

Stream Structure

To qualify for the Masters Degree, students should successfully complete courses that total at least 96 UOC including:

Project - 12 UOC of discipline-specific MEng project
Design - 6 UOC of design course
Professional Development - 36 UOC of discipline-specific L4 electives, chosen from the lists below.

Specialisation - 30 UOC of discipline-specific L5 electives, chosen from the list below.

Engineering & Technical Management - 12 UOC, chosen from the lists below.
In addition, a further requirement for the program is the completion of 60 days of Electrical Engineering or Telecommunications related industrial experience.

Please also refer to the 8621 Brochure for more information about the program and stream structure.

Level 4 Electives - Microelectronics

Level 4 Electives - Energy Systems

Level 4 Electives - Signal Processing

Level 4 Electives - Control Systems

Level 5 Electives - Electrical

Level 5 Electives - Engineering and Technical Management
Entry Requirements

Entry into this Master's program requires the completion of a 4-year non-accredited (under the Washington Accord) Bachelor of Engineering degree (or equivalent) in a cognate discipline. Alternatively, eligible applicants include those who hold a 3-year Engineering Science degree in a cognate discipline, at least equivalent to the first three years of an Engineering degree accredited under the Washington accord. A minimum overall average of at least 70%, or equivalent, over the duration of the qualifying Bachelor's degree is also required. A pathway for entry into the program for graduates from both 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degrees in non-cognate disciplines, and 3-year Bachelor of Science degrees, exists via enrolment first into the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) program, where advanced standing (to a maximum of 2 years) may be granted.

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