Solid State Electronics - ELEC4603

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Electrical Eng and Telecommunications

Course Outline:

Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Units of Credit: 6

EFTSL: 0.12500 (more info)

Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 4

Enrolment Requirements:

Prereq: ELEC2133

CSS Contribution Charge: 2 (more info)

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Band-structure and doping of semiconductors. Drift-Diffusion Equations; Density of states; Fermi function; Law of Mass Action. PN Junctions: Derivation of I-V characteristics. PN Junctions: Capacitance; Breakdown; Non-idealities. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): Operation principles. BJT: Derivation of I-V characteristics. BJT: Ebers-Moll model; Non-idealities. MOSFET: Derivation of I-V characteristics. MOSFET: Structure; Threshold Voltage; Enhancement- & Depletion-mode. Microwave devices. Transistors for Digital Logic: TTL, ECL, CMOS. Optoelectronic & Photonic Devices: Direct Vs Indirect Band-gap devices. LEDs; Semiconductor Lasers; Photovoltaic Cells. Principles and key technologies involved in microfabrication of integrated circuits. Microfabrication of: MOSFETs; CMOS; BJTs.


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