As an area of study, Education crosses the boundaries between a number of disciplines including aspects of philosophy, sociology and psychology, and addresses their interaction with the learning and teaching process.

The study of Education prepares students for a career in teaching in secondary schools. Students combine studies in two approved teaching disciplines with both theoretical and practical aspects of education.

Graduates of Education find employment in the teaching profession within government, Catholic or private schools.

Studying Education at UNSW

The School of Education at UNSW ( offers two major routes to a teaching qualification that allows the holder to teach in NSW schools. The first route is the four year Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education double degree programs, which equip graduates with a teaching qualification in the humanities, social sciences, science or mathematics. The second route is the one year postgraduate Diploma in Education, for holders of a Bachelor's degree.

The School also offers an Honours program and a range of postgraduate coursework and research programs.

Education can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name At the Level of Stream
3446 Music / Education (Secondary) Major EDSTA13446
3462 Commerce/Education (Secondary) Major EDSTA13462
4054 Arts / Education (Secondary) Major
4058 Economics/Educ (Secondary) Major EDSTA14058
4076 Science/Education (Secondary) Major

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