Australian Studies


Australian Studies provides an interdisciplinary exploration of Australian culture and society. Its concerns are wide-ranging indigenous issues, the environment, gender identity and politics, and the shaping of cultural icons and institutions.

Studying Australian Studies at UNSW

Australian Studies can be studied as a major sequence within the undergraduate programs listed below. Courses may also be studied individually and are available to all students within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and many from outside. An Honours year and Doctor of Philosophy are also available. For further information please visit our website at

Australian Studies can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name At the Level of Stream
3403 Arts Minor AUSTA23403
3437 Arts and Business Minor AUSTA23437
3456 Music / Arts Minor AUSTA23456
3522 Commerce/Arts Minor AUSTA23522
3543 Economics Minor AUSTA23543
3552 Economics/Arts Minor AUSTA23552
3704 Engineering / Arts Minor AUSTA23704
3845 Arts / Medicine Minor AUSTA23845
3930 Science/Arts Minor AUSTA23930
3931 Advanced Science/Arts Minor AUSTA23931
3933 Advanced Mathematics/Arts Minor AUSTA23933
4037 Social Work/Arts Minor AUSTA24037
4054 Arts / Education (Secondary) Minor AUSTA24054
4760 Arts / Law Minor AUSTA24760
4806 Art Theory/Arts Minor AUSTA24806
4812 Fine Arts/Arts Minor AUSTA24812

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