Science and Business / Law - 4772

Program Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Law


Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 6 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 27

Min UOC For Award: 288

UAC Code: 426000

Domestic Entry Requirements: See Domestic Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements


Bachelor of Laws (Major)

Bachelor of Science and Business (Major)

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Program Description

This program is for new 2015 commencing students. If you are a continuing student please contact the Faculty of Law for advice.

This program combines the professional LLB program with Bachelor of Science and Business. The Bachelor Science and Business has been developed to provide a new generation of scientists for today’s increasingly competitive and business-aware world. This program allows students to combine a coherent stream of studies in a contemporary Science discipline with courses that provide a broad background to business and management. Students will study a range of foundation business courses that will provide exposure to several aspects of business practices, and will also have the opportunity to increase their breadth of experience using electives, and select from a limited number of higher year courses to gain a greater understanding of a feature of the commercial domain. The program has been designed for students whose passion is Science, but who also recognise that awareness of contemporary business practices can be vital in the modern workplace.

Major Sequence
(i) Students may select any major from those offered in the Bachelor of Science and Business (3925). Students who are interested in taking a major in Computer Science should refer to program Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)/Bachelor of Laws 3984

(ii) For the majority of majors students are required to complete only 2 law courses in Year 1. For the PSYCHOLOGY major students are required to complete 5 law courses. See stream structure at Plan for Science and Business/Law 4772

The program is a six year full-time combined program leading to the award of the two degrees of Bachelor of Science and Business and Bachelor of Laws (BSc&Bus LLB).

The degree of Bachelor of Science and Business/Bachelor of Laws is not awarded until the completion of the full six year program, but students unable to complete the full program may apply to transfer to the three year Bachelor of Science and Business program with advanced standing where appropriate.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

At the completion of this program, students will have obtained a sound knowledge base in the disciplines of both Science and Law with general business background.

Program Structure

Total Unit Requirements
  • Law compulsory courses - 96 UOC
  • Law Prescribed Elective - 6 UOC
  • Law elective courses - 42 UOC
  • Science and Business science Component - 96 UOC
  • Science and Business business Component - 48 UOC
  • Total 288 UOC

Approved Sequence of Study

Students must study Science and Business courses in a sequence approved by the Faculty of Science and Law courses in a sequence approved by the Faculty of Law. A typical structure of a combined Science and Business/Law program is set out below.

An approved sequence can be found here:
For details of the requirements for approved Science and Business majors, please see the hyperlinked majors on the
3925 Bachelor of Science and Business
program page.

Management Stream
Marketing Stream

General Education Requirements

Students enrolled in combined law degrees (with exception to Jurisprudence/Law) are not required to complete general education courses.


Honours in Science
After successful completion of 144 units of credit and all requirements as outlined above, students may be eligible to commence an Honours year in one of the Science majors. Students will not be eligible for Honours in the Australian School of Business. Students who have not qualified for the Bachelor of Science and Business at pass level (144 UoC) cannot be considered for enrolment in Honours.

Progression to Stage 4 Honours is subject to academic performance, the academic requirements for a particular discipline, and the number of places available in the School’s Honours program. Typically students require a minimum overall WAM (weighted average mark) of 65% for entry into Honours, although due to the competitive nature of Honours the entry requirements for some Schools may be significantly higher. Where students have an overall WAM that is less than, but close to, 65% Schools may take into consideration a student’s academic performance in their major area of study when assessing the application to enter Honours. If a student’s overall WAM is 65% or better, but the performance in the major area of study is less than 65%, a School may decline to accept an application to enter Honours.

Students must have satisfied prerequisite requirements for Honours as specified by a particular School. Students contemplating Honours should check the prerequisite requirements for Honours with the relevant School as early as possible in their second year of study. Students must apply to the relevant School for admission to Honours, and admission requirements as well as the number of places per intake are determined by the Head of School or nominee.

Honours in Laws
The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) will be awarded with the following levels of Honours:

Honours Class 1
Honours Class 2, Division 1
Honours Class 2, Division 2

To be awarded Honours in Law, students are not required to complete an additional year. Honours in Law is based on academic excellence throughout the degree. Honours in Law is based on academic excellence throughout the degree. There are three criteria relevant for awarding Honours:

The Honours WAM weighting for core/elecives for the Honours WAM is under review.
Satisfactory performance in written research
The Research requirement for Honours is under review.
• Not been found guilty of plagiarism or serious misconduct on more than one occasion and not more than one failure in the law program.

For more information, please visit
Honours Page
on the Law website.

Academic Rules

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science and Business in concurrent mode
  1. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science and Business must complete a minimum of 144 units of credit (UoC).
  2. Students must complete exactly one approved Bachelor of Science and Business major. Students need to declare their major before commencement of Stage 2 of the program. Details of approved Bachelor of Science majors and how to declare a major can be found on the3925 Bachelor of Science and Business program page.
  3. In addition to the courses required for the Science major, students must take 'Science' courses so that the major plus 'Science' courses totals 96 units of credit. Details of what courses constitute ‘Science’ courses can be found in Table 1 on the3925 Bachelor of Science and Business program page.
  4. Students must enrol in at least 30 units of credit of 'Science' courses in their first 48 units of credit of study (typically two semesters of full-time study).
  5. Students must complete at least 24 units of credit of ‘Science’ level I courses.
  6. A maximum of 72 units of credit of level I courses can be taken throughout the entire program.
  7. Students must complete the following 24 units of credit of Foundation business courses: ACCT1501, ECON1101, MARK1012 and MGMT1001.
  8. Students must enrol in at least 6 and no more than 18 units of credit of business courses in their first 48 UoC of study.
  9. Students must complete an additional 24 units of credit of business courses from the following lists of elective courses, including at least two level III courses (courses with codes MGMT3###, STRE3###, MARK3###). While students may wish to choose all elective courses from one stream to gain greater depth, it is also possible to choose courses from multiple streams, please see Management and Marketing streams above.
Note: When students take this program in combination with a Bachelor of Laws they are unable to take any courses from the Business Law stream as advertised for program 3925 Science and Business. Ie students cannot complete any LEGTxxxx courses.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Laws

For Academic Rules relating to the Bachelor of Laws component of this combined degree program, please refer to program 4701. Although 4701 program is no longer on offer, all combined law students enrolled in the LLB will need to comply with the rules stated here.

A direct link is given below:

Bachelor of Laws 4701


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