Mining Engineering - MINEAH3961

Stream Summary

Faculty: ENG - Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Mining Engineering

Contact: School

Program: 3961 - Engineering (Honours) / Arts


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Major)

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Stream Outline

This stream extends over four years and students study full-time during the day for twenty-six weeks of each year (excluding examination and recess periods). Year 1 of the stream includes courses that cover the sciences to provide the foundation for many of the engineering courses offered in Year 2. Year 3 is largely devoted to fundamental courses in mining engineering while Year 4 provides advanced instruction in aspects essential for all mining engineers. Elective courses are offered in both Year 3 and Year 4 of the stream.

As part of the overall BE program two General Education courses must also be completed. In keeping with the international career opportunities, students are encouraged to consider a course in a foreign language and culture as a General Education elective.

An important requirement in the fourth year is for students to undertake personal research or a study project in mining or minerals engineering for which they are required to submit a dissertation for examination. After graduation, mining engineers who choose to develop careers in operations management gain further practical experience to obtain a Mine Manager's Certificate of Competency, in either Coal or Metalliferous Mining. Formal arrangements are in place with the University of Newcastle for students who have completed a specified program to be admitted with advanced standing to Year 3 of the program at UNSW. Recognition of students from other institutions or graduates of other disciplines may also be considered for advanced standing to the stream.

Full time students complete four (24 UOC) courses per semester.

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Stream Structure

The stream structure shown indicates one sequence of courses that fulfils the requirements of the stream rules.

As the stream structure indicates, a number of course electives are offered each semester in Year 3 and Year 4. This allows the student to specialise in systems of mining either surface or underground or both; in advanced studies of core technical fields; or, opt for a broader professional perspective.

Part of the requirements for MINE4710 Mine Management is completion of 60 days of industrial training and submission of a report on the work undertaken.

Year 1

Choose ONE of:
And ONE of:
And ONE of:

Plus these following 3 courses:
Plus choose 2 electives from the Year 1 Elective List

Suggested Year 1 electives for this stream are (choose 2):
  1. COMP1911 is an acceptable alternative for ENGG1811
  2. GEOS3321 is an acceptable alternative for GEOS1111
  3. Not all courses are offered in both semesters but students should complete 24 UOC in each semester.
  4. Students in BE(Hons)/BSc(Computer Science) dual degree should take COMP1521 as one of their first year electives.
Note: MATH2018 Engineering Mathematics 2D is an alternative to MATH2019.

Professional Electives (Depth)

All students of the single degree in mining engineering are required to select two electives (12 UOC total) from the following list, in addition to the mining engineering stream requirements listed above, to meet the engineering program requirements:

Study Levels

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