Energy Systems - ELECRS5341

Stream Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Electrical Eng and Telecommunications

Contact: School

Program: 5341 - Engineering Science


Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

As with all streams under the Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science, the Energy Systems specialisation is underpinned by the attainment of disciplinary and advanced disciplinary knowledge. This stream offers a broad range of theoretical- and applications-based electives within the discipline of energy and power systems engineering, including smart-grids, power electronics for renewable energy engineering, power system analysis and protection, high voltage engineering, power systems planning and economics, and electrical safety. Such a choice allows students the gain a depth and breadth of knowledge across several themes.

The stream provides a solid postgraduate program for electrical engineers wishing to upgrade their skills or further their knowledge.

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to the stream, a student would be expected to hold a Bachelor of Engineering with at least Honours II/2 (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline or hold a Graduate Certificate of Engineering with at least a credit average or an equivalent qualification from a recognised university or tertiary institution in order to be admitted to the program. Relevant disciplines considered for entry include electrical engineering, as well as photovoltaic and renewable energy engineering where a sound foundation in electrical energy systems is provided.

Those without such a qualification are required to argue their prior learning is equivalent to this qualification. For example, a 3- or 4-year Bachelor of Engineering or Science combined with relevant discipline experience may be recognised. For Electrical Engineering -related streams, this experience could be for example a sustained design, testing or commissioning role in a multi-year technical project, or a multi-year sustained technical consulting role.

Stream Structure

Students must choose 48 UOC (8 courses) from the Disciplinary Knowledge, Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge, and Elective Course lists below.

Disciplinary Knowledge Courses: 18 UOC Minimum

Students must choose a minimum of 18 UOC from the following list:

Energy Systems

Signal Processing

Control Systems

Advanced Disciplinary Courses: 18 UOC Minimum

Students must choose a minimum of 18 UOC from the following list:
Electives: 0-12 UOC

Electives may be chosen from:
  • The Engineering and Technical Management courses, listed on the School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications web site, or
  • The disciplinary or advanced disciplinary knowledge courses from this specialisation, or another specialisation within the Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science subject to students being sufficiently prepared by way of prior learning.

Advanced Standing

Applications for advanced standing will be considered for this stream. Apply through the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications student office.

Study Levels

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