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South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service

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The Prince of Wales Hospital
Barker Street, Randwick 2031
Tel: (02) 9382 2222, Fax: (02) 9382 2233

The Prince Henry and The Prince of Wales Hospitals were joined under a common management in 1961 to form the principal teaching hospitals for the Medical School of the University of NSW.

The Prince of Wales Hospital has recently undergone a period of major redevelopment to enable all acute services to be accommodated on the Randwick Campus, which it shares with the Sydney Children's Hospital, the Royal Hospital for Women and the Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

Prince of Wales Hospital currently covers all specialties and sub-specialties. In addition, statewide services provided include: Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Spinal Injuries, Lithotripsy, HIV Special Unit and the Albion Street Centre.

Sydney Children's Hospital
High Street, Randwick 2031
Tel: (02) 9382 1111, Fax: (02) 9382 1777

This is a paediatric tertiary referral hospital serving the whole of the state, one of three such children's hospitals in NSW and is located at the Randwick campus. It has close links through specialist and resident staff with other teaching and associated hospitals. It provides a complete range of paediatric services and has strong links with complementary adult services at Prince of Wales Hospital. There are also strong links with community-based child health services and local private practitioners.

The Royal Hospital for Women
Barker Street, Randwick 2031
Tel: (02) 9382 6111, Fax: (02) 9382 6513

The Royal Hospital for Women is the University's principal teaching hospital in obstetrics and gynaecology.

There are approximately 4,000 births annually and over 6,500 gynaecological procedures. It is a specialist hospital for obstetrics and gynaecology and includes a department of neonatal paediatrics. The Hospital has established the Department of Endo-Gynaecology and the Natural Therapies Unit, where natural products are actively researched. The first baby health clinic in NSW, the forerunner of today's Early Childhood Health Centres, was established here in 1906. The State’s first Antenatal Clinic was also started at the Royal Hospital for Women in 1912.

The Hospital's Department of Medical Imaging has an international reputation for research and development of ultrasound technique and equipment in obstetrics as does the Gynaecological Oncology Centre, for its work on ovarian cancer and gynaecological malignancy.

The St George Hospital & Community Health Service
Gray Street, Kogarah 2217
Tel: (02) 9350 1111, Fax: (02) 9350 3999

The St George Hospital & Community Health Service is one of Sydney's busiest principal referral hospitals. Designated as a major Trauma Service, the hospital accepts referrals from outside its immediate area as well as serving a local district population of approximately 225,000 (of whom more than 25% were born overseas). It has the busiest Emergency Department in metropolitan Sydney. It is a state-of-the-art hospital which covers all general areas of medicine (excluding heart and liver transplants). A Private Hospital is located adjacent to the campus.

The St Vincent's Hospital
Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010
Tel: (02) 8382 1111, Fax: (02) 8382 4142

St Vincent's Hospital is a principal referral hospital operated by the Sisters of Charity. It is an acute general hospital with highly developed specialist units in adult medicine and surgery and diagnostic services. The Hospital provides referral services for NSW and Australia and services for the local community. Specialty services at the Hospital include cardiac transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, a Cancer Care Centre which provides an integrated approach to the management of malignancy, a comprehensive AIDS service and a specialist Palliative Care Institute (Sacred Heart Hospice). Extensive primary and secondary services are also provided to meet the needs of the local community and these include medical, surgical, geriatric and drug and alcohol services.

St Vincent's is part of the integrated campus of the Sisters of Charity which comprises St Vincent’s Private Hospital, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, St Vincent's Clinic and the Centre for Immunology.

Sutherland Hospital Caringbah
Kingsway, Caringbah 2229
Tel: (02) 9540 7111, Fax: (02) 9540 7197

The Sutherland Hospital Caringbah, was founded in 1958. It is a general medical, surgical and obstetric hospital, with various sub-specialties. There are also psychiatric and rehabilitation, oncology and day surgery units, a paediatric ward, and a busy emergency department.

Calvary Hospital Kogarah Inc
91 Rocky Point Road, Kogarah 2217
PO Box 261 Kogarah 1485
Tel: (02) 9587 8333, Fax: (02) 9587 1421

Calvary Hospital Kogarah Inc is an Affiliated Health Organisation conducted by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. The Hospital was opened in 1966 and provides multidisciplinary palliative care services for 80 inpatients and day-only admissions. The Hospital has a 20-bed Geriatric Rehabilitation Unit, full multidisciplinary team and therapy gymnasium.

There is a Community Palliative Care Team offering care to people with terminal illnesses within the South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service who choose to live at home. An Outpatient Pain Clinic is available at Calvary for these and other patients. Calvary staff offer a consultative service to nursing homes and private hospitals.

The Langton Centre
Corner Nobbs and South Dowling Streets, Surry Hills 2010
Tel: (02) 9332 8777, Fax: (02) 9332 28700

The Langton Centre is a specialist agency for the treatment of addictions. The Centre provides medicated detoxification, group and individual counselling, and medical and psychological interventions for dependent drug users. The Centre operates a methadone maintenance clinic and a needle and syringe exchange program.

St Luke's Hospital Complex
18 Roslyn Street, Potts Point 2011
Tel: (02) 9356 0200, Fax: (02) 9357 2334

St Luke's Hospital Complex, provides acute hospital, nursing home and aged care services. St. Luke's (Private) Hospital is a 108 bed acute General Hospital providing comprehensive surgical, medical and rehabilitation care. Facilities include operating theatres, an intensive care unit, a day surgery/procedures unit, endoscopy unit, telemetry/sleep studies unit, rehabilitation unit including hydrotherapy pool and diagnostic radiology service.

Shellharbour Hospital
The Shellharbour Hospital has 150 beds and provides emergency, medical, surgical, obstetric and psychiatric services.

Shoalhaven Hospital
Shoalhaven Hospital is a 143 bed, level 4, district hospital for the Shoalhaven region, providing emergency, elective orthopaedic and plastic surgery, medical, ICU, obstetric, gynaecologic, paediatric, neonatal care as well as rehabilitation services.

Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital
Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9382 7111, Fax: (02) 9382 7320

Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital has an Accident and Emergency Service. It provides inpatient and outpatient services in general medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, ENT, hand surgery, and ophthalmology (including the Lions Eye Bank and Save Sight Institute), Sydney Artificial Eyes, Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Kirketon Road Centre in Kings Cross and the Langton Centre in Surry Hills.

War Memorial Hospital Waverley
125 Birrell Street, Waverley 2024
Tel: (02) 9369 0100, Fax: (02) 9387 7018

War Memorial Hospital, Waverley, is under the governance of the Uniting Church. The hospital runs a geriatric rehabilitation and assessment unit, a rehabilitation outpatients service, a short stay residential respite unit, a day care unit - which provides services for both frail and dementia clients and non-English speaking background groups - and podiatry outpatient services. A hydrotherapy pool supports the inpatient rehabilitation services.

Corrections Health Service
Long Bay Correctional Centre
Anzac Parade, Little Bay, 2036
Tel: (02) 9289 2977, Fax: (02) 9311 3005

CHS provides and coordinates a comprehensive range of heath services for people in custody within the NSW Correctional System. Major clinical programs include General Practice and Primary Health Care, General Medicine/Surgery, Mental Health Programs, Drug and Alcohol Services, Population Health, Indigenous People's Health Services, Dental and Imaging Services.

The Sydney South Western Area Health Service

Liverpool Hospital
Elizabeth St, Liverpool, 2170
Tel: (02) 9828 3000, Fax: (02) 9828 3307

The South Western Sydney Clinical School is centred at Liverpool Hospital (600 beds), a principal tertiary referral hospital for the South Western Sydney Area Health Service (SWSAHS). It provides services in all the sub-specialties of internal medicine, general surgery including orthopaedics and plastic surgery, pathology and imaging. It has a Brain Injury Centre and a Cancer Therapy Centre which includes rehabilitation and palliative care. A major development for the hospital will double its size.

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital
Eldridge Rd, Bankstown, 2200
Tel: (02) 9722 8000, Fax: (02) 9722 8570

This is a major metropolitan acute general hospital providing 454 beds and caters for approximately 30,000 inpatient separations per year. The hospital offers services such as general medicine and surgery, obstetrics, paediatrics, emergency, intensive care, day surgery, endoscopy, psychiatry, neonatology, pathology and imaging.

The Greater Southern Health Service

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital
PO Box 159, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Tel: (02) 6938 6666, Fax: (02) 6921 8243

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is a 220 bed acute regional hospital and has specialists in most major disciplines (medicine, paediatrics, surgery, orthopaedics, anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology, ENT, ophthalmology, geriatrics rehabilitation, psychiatry and emergency medicine). The Base Hospital is a significant teaching hospital boasting registrars in medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, anaesthetics, obstetrics and gynaecology and is a primary allocation centre.

Albury Base Hospital
PO Box 326, Albury NSW 2640
Tel: (02) 6058 4444, Fax: (02) 6058 4504

Albury Base Hospital is a modern 155 bed facility providing specialist services to the Albury-Wodonga and the surrounding parts of southwestern NSW and northeastern Victoria. The hospital is the designated regional trauma centre for the region, with a catchment population of approximately 150,000 people. The hospital has a suitably appointed and staffed intensive care unit and emergency department, both of which are accredited for training by many of the Specialist Medical Colleges.

Wodonga Regional Health
P.O. Box 156, Wodonga, VIC 3689
Tel: (02) 6051 7111, Fax: (02) 6051 7477

The Wodonga Regional Health Service is located in the rural city of Wodonga. Together with the border city of Albury, the Albury-Wodonga district is home to over 90,000 people. The Health Service provides a range of hospital and community health care services including Obstetrics, General Medicine, General Surgery, Acute Care, Paediatrics, Emergency, Mental Health, Medical Imaging and Aged, Rehabilitation and Allied Health care.

Griffith Base Hospital
PO Box 1013, Griffith NSW 2680
Tel: (02) 6962 8333 Fax: (02) 6964 1587

Griffith Base Hospital is a 92 bed Base Hospital providing a range of acute specialist services including Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatric Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, ENT, Urology, Paediatric Surgery, Oncology, Obstetrics, Intensive Care, Respiratory Medicine and Rheumatology.

The North Coast Area Health Service

Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour, 2450.
Tel: (02) 6656 7000, Fax: (02) 6656 7010

The Coffs Harbour Health Campus was opened in November 2001 with capacity for 202 beds and a floor area of approximately 25,800 square metres. There are four distinct Care Centres, namely the Family Care Centre, the Medical and Therapeutic Care Centre, the Critical and Surgical Care Centre, and the Mental and General Well-being Centre.

Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Wrights Road, Port Macquarie 2444
Tel: (02) 6581 2000, Fax: (02) 6580 1110

Port Macquarie Base Hospital opened its doors to the public in 1994 and is a comprehensive referral hospital for both public and private patients of Port Macquarie and surrounding areas. The hospital provides a 24 hour accident and emergency service; general surgery; orthopaedic surgery; vascular surgery; gynaecology; obstetrics; urology; ear, nose and throat surgery; renal medicine; oncology; cardiology; thoracic medicine; general medicine; paediatric and neo-natal medicine; psychiatry and emergency medicine. The hospital has been accredited by the Medical Association/Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Psychiatry.

Kempsey District Hospital
River Street Kempsey. Tel: (02) 6652 6155, Fax: (02) 6563 1557
Kempsey Campus Coordinator - Dr Leo Smith - Tel: (02) 6562 6188.

This 106 bed acute general hospital provides emergency services, medicine, surgery, psychiatry, rehabilitation and obstetrics. Durri Aboriginal Medical Service, located in the Kempsey CBD, is a new state of the art facility providing primary health care for indigenous people.

Clinical Learning Environments (Private)

Prince of Wales Private Hospital
Barker Street, Randwick 2031
Tel: (02) 9650 4000 Fax: (02) 9650 4695

St. George Private Hospital
1 South Street, Kogarah 2217
Tel: (02) 9598 5555 Fax: (02) 9598 5000

St. Vincent's Private Hospital
406 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst 2010
Tel: (02) 8382 7111 Fax: (02) 8382 7234

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