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Faculty: UNSW Canberra at ADFA

School: UNSW Canberra at ADFA

Contact: UNSW Canberra, Student Administrative Services

Program: 4410 - Science


Bachelor of Science (Major)

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Physics is the systematic study of the basic properties of matter. Its scope ranges from elementary particles at one end of the size scale to galaxies, quasars and the universe itself at the other. It also encompasses some of the deepest scientific questions of the day and sustains a wealth of practical applications. The three-year major program covers key principles of physics and includes a comprehensive account of the physics of from the cosmological to the subatomic scale. It provides future ADF officers with the technical versatility and understanding necessary for them to employ and exploit the advanced technology at the core of modern defence systems and operations.

The major is constructed around four broad themes that between them span the field of physics:
  • Space, Stars and the Universe
  • Earth, Atmosphere and Oceans
  • Remote Sensing and Surveillance
  • Atoms, Matter and Modern Materials
Threading through the Program, these themes provide a framework within which the student is introduced to the concepts of physics. In addition, they furnish practical examples and applications which reinforce and enhance understanding and display the value, utility and pervasive character of the principles of physics.

Stream Structure

Level I Physics is structured primarily to lead into Level II Physics. However ZPEM1501 Physics 1A: Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics and ZPEM1502 Physics 1B: Electromagnetism and Modern Physics are self-contained courses suitable for Science and Arts candidates majoring in other fields of study.
Level I Mathematics (ZPEM1301 Mathematics 1A and ZPEM1302 Mathematics 1B or the equivalent in engineering mathematics courses) is a prerequisite for students enrolling in Level II and Level III Physics.

A major sequence in Physics comprises the following Level I courses:
Plus the following Level II courses:
In addition, the course ZPEM3103 Applications of Quantum Theory (6 UOC) is recommended as an elective.

NOTE: Students completing Level III Physics in 2017 (who completed only 12 UOC of physics at Level II) are required to complete the following 4 Level III courses:

Double-Major Combinations

For double-major combinations with Physics, please refer to the Recommended Double Major Combinations listed within this site.
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