The study of Oceanography within School of Mathematics and Statistics is concerned primarily with the mathematical equations that describe fluid flow, and how these are used in understanding the ocean. The discipline is also concerned with the measurement, modeling and prediction of processes that form the oceanic system of the planet (coupled with the atmospheric system). A range of careers are available in Oceanography in research, operational and managerial capacities.

Studying Oceanography at UNSW

Students with a strong interest in Mathematics way wish to study Oceanography through a Bachelor of Science or Advanced Science (Honours) degree program, where there is a strong theoretical emphasis. Those students who desire a more general understanding of oceanography in its relation to marine and coastal studies may wish to undertake a Marine Science major within the Science program, where Oceanography still forms an important element. UNSW also offers the study of Oceanography at a postgraduate level.

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Advanced Physical Oceanography can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name Stream Type Stream
3458 Music/Advanced Science (Hons) Major MATHO13458
3472 Music(Hons)/Adv Science(Hons) Major MATHO13472
3566 Economics/Adv Science (Hons) Major MATHO13566
3593 Commerce/Adv Science (Hons) Major MATHO13593
3762 AdvSci(Hons)/Engineering(Hons) Major MATHO13762
3938 AdvSci (Hons)/SocRschandPolicy Major MATHO13938
3944 Adv Science (Hons)/Fine Arts Major MATHO13944
3945 Adv Science(Hons)/Computer Sci Major MATHO13945
3948 Adv Science (Honours) / Arts Major MATHO13948
3962 Advanced Science (Honours) Major MATHO13962
3997 Advanced Science (Honours)/Law Major MATHO13997

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Physical Oceanography can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name Stream Type Stream
3154 Actuarial Studies / Science Major MATHN13154
3457 Music / Science Major MATHN13457
3458 Music/Advanced Science (Hons) Honours MATHNH3458
3471 Music (Honours) / Science Major MATHN13471
3472 Music(Hons)/Adv Science(Hons) Honours MATHNH3472
3529 Commerce/Science Major MATHN13529
3563 Economics / Science Major MATHN13563
3566 Economics/Adv Science (Hons) Honours MATHNH3566
3593 Commerce/Adv Science (Hons) Honours MATHNH3593
3762 AdvSci(Hons)/Engineering(Hons) Honours MATHNH3762
3767 Engineering (Hons) / Science Major MATHN13767
3925 Science and Business Major MATHN13925
3926 Science / Fine Arts Major MATHN13926
3937 Science/Social Rsch & Policy Major MATHN13937
3938 AdvSci (Hons)/SocRschandPolicy Honours MATHNH3938
3944 Adv Science (Hons)/Fine Arts Honours MATHNH3944
3945 Adv Science(Hons)/Computer Sci Honours MATHNH3945
3947 Science / Arts Major MATHN13947
3948 Adv Science (Honours) / Arts Honours MATHNH3948
3962 Advanced Science (Honours) Honours MATHNH3962
3970 Science Major MATHN13970
3983 Science/Computer Science Major MATHN13983
3987 Science (International) Major MATHN13987
3997 Advanced Science (Honours)/Law Honours MATHNH3997
4500 Science (Honours) Honours MATHNH4500
4770 Science / Law Major MATHN14770
4772 Science and Business / Law Major MATHN14772

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