Civil Engineering - CVENAH3707

Stream Summary

Faculty: ENG - Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact: School

Program: 3707 - Engineering (Honours)


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Major)

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Stream Outline

Civil Engineering is responsible for projects that enhance the overall quality of life. Civil engineers design, construct, manage, operate and maintain the infrastructure that supports modern society including buildings, bridges, roads and highways, tunnels, airfields, dams, ports and harbours, railways, new mines, water supply and sewerage schemes, irrigation systems and flood mitigation works. The profession is very broad and affords opportunities for involvement in many specialist activities.

In the final year of the Civil Engineering program students may choose electives in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transport engineering, water engineering or engineering construction and management. This program can be taken on a four-year full-time basis, or on a part-time basis subject to the approval of the Head of School. Intending part-time students are advised that all courses are offered only in the daytime.

A detailed program structure can be found on the School website, which includes suggested scheduling of courses by semester. While some courses are given twice a year, many courses are given only once a year. In addition, courses may have prerequisites and exclusions. Thus students should plan their enrolments appropriately.

Stream Structure

Day to day administration of the stream is conducted through the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering to which enquiries should be directed. This page outlines the courses required for the BE Civil Engineering major when taken as part of a single or dual award. The requirements will total 168 units of credit, and students will also be required to complete 60 days of Industrial Training before the BE may be awarded. Refer to the main program page for additional program requirements for the single or dual award programs.

Full time students complete four (24 UOC) courses per semester.

Recommended plans of study may be found here

Year 1

Choose ONE of:
And ONE of:
And ONE of:
Plus these following 3 courses:
Plus choose 2 electives from the Year 1 Elective List.

Suggested Year 1 electives for this program are:
  1. COMP1911 is an acceptable alternative for ENGG1811.
  2. Not all courses are offered in both semesters but students should complete 24 UOC in each semester.
  3. Students in BE(Hons)/BSc (Computer Science) dual degree should take COMP1521 as one of their first year electives.

Note: MATH2018 Engineering Mathematics 2D is an alternative to MATH2019.
  • Professional Elective (CVEN) (6 UOC)
  • Professional Elective (CVEN) (6 UOC)
  • Professional Elective (CVEN) (6 UOC)

Alternative Thesis Options
Serves as a professional elective and a substitute for CVEN4050
Serves as a professional elective and a substitute for CVEN4051
Serves as a substitute for CVEN4050. CVEN4701 must also be completed in lieu of a professional elective
Serves as a substitute for CVEN4051

Note: School approval is required to undertake the alternate thesis options.

Study Levels

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