Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering is the application of the principles of the physical sciences, together with the principles of economics and human relations, to fields in which matter undergoes a change in state, energy content or composition. The chemical engineer is generally responsible for the design, construction and operation of plant and equipment used in the chemical processing industries.

Chemical engineers are employed in a very wide range of industries including the chemical, minerals, pharmaceutical, food and energy industries. Many chemical engineers work in environmental management, research and development business, management and computer applications.

Studying Chemical Engineering at UNSW

The study of Chemical Engineering at UNSW is primarily through the School of Chemical Engineering. Please refer the table belows for a list of relevant postgraduate programs available at UNSW (other relevant programs/ plans can be found in Industrial Chemistry specialisation).

Chemical Process Engineering can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name Stream Type Stream
5341 Engineering Science Specialisation CEICMS5341
8338 Engineering Science Specialisation CEICJS8338

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 Chemical Engineering

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