Property and Development


The field of property and development covers the production of the built environment for human settlement. It focuses upon the design, development, financing and marketing of structures that serve the requirements of society. These include buildings for shelter, commerce, recreation and social services as well as the physical infrastructure that supports the buildings and the activities. The real estate industry is rapidly moving from essentially responding to client requirements for structures to providing business solutions and sustainable communities. This makes property and development a key sector of the economy.

The Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW ( offers a Property and Development program designed to meet the needs of those who wish to work at the cutting edge of these changes. Additionally, within the Property and Development program, specialisations are offered in Development and Investment, and Asset and Facilities Management.

Teaching in these subject areas at UNSW is designed to serve the needs of property professionals operating in a corporate and international setting, and also provides valuable education to those seeking a broader base to careers in architecture and landscape architecture, construction, engineering, urban planning and law.

Studying Property and Development at UNSW

Study in the discipline of Property and Development is offered at postgraduate level within FBE at UNSW.

Property and Development can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Asset & Facilities Management Specialisation RESTCS8127
Development and Investment Specialisation RESTBS8127
Property and Development Specialisation RESTAS8127

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