Petroleum Engineering - PTRLBS8338

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Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Petroleum Engineering

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Program: 8338 - Engineering Science


Master of Engineering Science (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

The nature of the oil & gas industry is that many people begin working in a role related to their undergraduate degree but over time move into a role that requires a greater knowledge of Petroleum Engineering. Therefore, the petroleum specialisation requires the study of a range of courses that would allow a student from a non-Petroleum Engineering background to become competent working in a role that requires the direct application of Petroleum Engineering knowledge.

Another characteristic of the oil & gas industry is that the development and integration of new technology, as well as changes to the socio-political context of the industry, mean that Petroleum Engineers require deeper knowledge of the discipline combined with an understanding of how these innovations change the way Petroleum Engineering is practised. Therefore, the specialisation enables students from a Petroleum Engineering background to extend and broaden their knowledge of the discipline’s context.

Further, today's leaders in Petroleum Engineering need to be able to move from the existing body of knowledge in the profession to develop new and innovative solutions to problems covering the technical aspects of petroleum exploration and development, to project economics, and to the environmental and social context of the industry. Therefore, the stream includes a range of courses with a research or enquiry-based learning component. These enquiry-based components involve students solving an open-ended problem through the integration of taught material with their own investigation into the problem and developing their own solutions.


Students need a recognised four year Bachelor degree in a relevant discipline of engineering with a minimum 65% average.

NOTE: The minimum average required for entry is as determined by the UNSW Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator. Students from a non-211 university in China need a minimum 70% average.
For entry details (particularly for South Asian students) please click here.

Stream Structure

Students must complete 96 UOC of courses to be eligible for the degree, and must complete:
  • 24 UOC of Core Disciplinary courses
  • 30 UOC of Advanced disciplinary courses
  • 18 UOC of Enquiry-based courses
  • 12 UOC of Engineering Technical Management (ETM) Electives and 12 UOC of disciplinary knowledge electives.
List of courses to be offered

The following lists set out the courses offered and how they fit within the requirements of the program structure.

Core Disciplinary knowledge (24 UOC)
Plus 3 from the following:

Advanced Disciplinary knowledge (30 UOC)

Enquiry-based (18 UOC)

Engineering Technical Management Electives (12 UOC)
and choose one course from the Engineering and Technical Management Courses. (6 UOC)

Plus a further 12 UOC electives, which can consist of advanced disciplinary knowledge or the courses listed below:
or, with approval from the Stream Authority, courses from another specialisation within the Master of Engineering Science program.

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