Environmental Engineering - CVENLT8621

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Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

School: School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Program: 8621 - Engineering


Master of Engineering (Specialisation)

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Stream Outline

The stream of Environmental Engineering enables students to specialise, and gain depth of knowledge across a broad range of areas, including project management, transport engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resources, waste and waste water treatment.


Entry is open to students with a four year non-accredited (under the Washington Accord) Bachelor of Environmental Engineering degree or equivalent with a minimum 65% average.* Alternatively, eligible applicants include those who hold a three year Engineering Science degree, at least equivalent to the first three years of a relevant Environmental Engineering degree accredited under the Washington Accord.

* NOTE: Minimum 65% average is determined by the UNSW Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator UNSW Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator. Students from a non-211 university in China need a minimum 70% average. For entry details (particularly for South Asian students) please click here.

Stream Structure

To qualify for the Masters Degree, students should successfully complete courses that total at least 96 UOC including:

Year 1 Professional Development
48 UOC of Disciplinary courses, chosen from the lists below.

Students are educated across the breadth of engineering management (minimum 12 UOC), analysis and design (minimum of 12 UOC) and engineering and the environment (minimum of 6 UOC). A minimum of 36 UOC in total of Disciplinary courses are to be selected from these groups.

Students may also select up to 12 UOC of Disciplinary elective courses.


Select a minimum of 12 UOC of management courses from the following list:
Core Environmental Engineering

Select both of the analysis and design courses (12 UOC) listed below:
Engineering and the Environment

Select a minimum of 6 UOC of engineering and the environment courses from the following list:

Select a maximum of 12 UOC of elective courses from the following list:

  1. Not all courses may be available in a given year; available courses will be as per the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering program for that year.
  2. Sessions (S1 and S2) are as per 2014 teaching allocations and can change from one year to another.
Year 2 Advanced Courses
48 UOC of Advanced Disciplinary courses plus 60 days of environmental engineering related industrial training.
Plus 30 UOC of elective courses taken from the following list with 18 UOC chosen from the Environmental Engineering list and the remaining 12 UOC from the other discipline groups:

Note: Not all courses may be available. Please refer to the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering for an up-to-date list of courses on offer.

Minimum 18UOC from Environmental Engineering courses below:

Project and Construction Management

Geotechnical Engineering .

Transport Engineering

Water Engineering

Geospatial Engineering
With permission of the stream authority, a student may be permitted to take as an elective any advanced disciplinary knowledge course within the Faculty and for which prerequisite requirements are met.

In addition, a further requirement for the program is the completion of 60 days of Environmental Engineering related industrial experience.

Please also refer to the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering for more information about the program structure Coursework Programs

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