Faculty Rules

For Undergraduate Students

Standard Enrolment

In their first year of study, full-time students will normally complete 48 units of credit. In subsequent semesters, they will normally complete 24 units, but may be permitted to enrol in an additional 6 units of credit.

Cross-Institutional Study/Intensive Exchange

  • The maximum limit for cross-institutional study/intensive exchange is 12 units of credit.
  • Cross-institutional study/intensive exchange can only be undertaken after completing at least 48 units of credit.
  • You should have at least a credit average and no more than one fail if you are undertaking cross-institutional study/intensive exchange overseas.
  • The discipline (specialisation) is appropriate to your program.
  • The course content is not taught at UNSW; or
  • You are unable to enrol in UNSW course for good reason, for example, failed a UNSW prerequisite course which might impact on your progression in your program.
  • Core courses must be completed at UNSW and cannot be substituted for a cross-institutional course/intensive exchange.
  • Credit for study will not be granted if the cross-institutional study/intensive exchange was not approved prior to your study

Credit Transfer

Students admitted with credit transfer are given credit towards the degree for all appropriate courses up to a maximum of two thirds of the total units of credit required for each degree.

Credit transfer will not be granted for courses completed more than 10 years previously. Students seeking credit transfer for courses completed elsewhere must submit documentary evidence and specify the courses they wish to complete within the Faculty. Faculty will then determine the number of units of credit to be granted.

A student who has been granted credit transfer for courses in their major or minor sequence is required to complete the following at UNSW:

Major sequence – complete at least 18 units of credit at UNSW, including the capstone course, if applicable
Minor sequence of 24 units of credit – complete at least 6 units of credit at UNSW
Extended minor sequence of 36 units of credit – complete at least 12 units of credit UNSW


The Faculty will grant the maximum credit possible to facilitate a student's transfer from one degree to another. The credit will vary depending on the degrees concerned.

A student enrolled in the combined Arts/Law program who does not wish to proceed to the combined degree BA LLB may apply to transfer to the BA degree with credit for Arts related courses and General Education courses.

Limitations on Student Exchange Program

1. Maximum exchange period for students in dual degrees

1.1 A one-year exchange is the maximum period allowed by the UNSW International Exchange rules, with the exception of the International Studies dual degrees (for example, International Studies/Law or International Studies/Media) where students can undertake an additional exchange term (18 uoc - 24 uoc) for their degree other than International Studies.

1.2 Students in Arts and Social Sciences dual degrees with an external faculty (for example, Arts/Law or Science/Arts) are limited to one term of exchange (18 uoc - 24 uoc).

1.3 Students in Arts and Social Sciences dual degrees within the Faculty can participate in a one-year exchange program (48 uoc) but cannot count more than 24 uoc towards each degree. However, in some programs such as Arts/Education (Secondary), the core courses cannot be completed on exchange. This may limit the period of exchange in some dual degrees to one term (18 uoc - 24 uoc).

2. Exchange Program in the final term of study
Students undertaking an exchange program in their final term of study must bring back credit transfer of at least 18 uoc, that is, the equivalent full-time load per term at UNSW.

General Education

General Education is the completion of two courses (12 UOC) offered outside UNSW Arts & Social Sciences. This requirement is met if an external major or minor (for example, Economics) is completed. Indigenous Studies courses (ATSIxxxx) can be studied as General Education if students are not following a major or minor in Indigenous Studies in the BA program.

Arts & Social Sciences Prescribed Elective

An Arts & Social Sciences Prescribed Elective is any course chosen by the student from the offerings of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences. Indigenous Studies courses (ATSIxxxx) cannot be studied as Arts & Social Sciences Prescribed Electives.

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