Legacy Handbook Online (2005-2018)

You can view UNSW Handbook information published between 2005 and 2018 by selecting the relevant year in the dropdown below:

Current Handbook (2019 onward)

To view UNSW Handbook published after 2018, please visit https://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au or click the link below:

Printed Publication (1957-2006)

UNSW has discontinued the production of hard-copy handbooks since 2007. Follow the link below to view the printed handbook in PDF format.

UNSW Calendars (1950-2011)

Up until 2011, UNSW produced a companion volume to the Handbook every year. The UNSW Calendar contains useful University information, including the University of New South Wales Act, the University of New South Wales By-law and University of New South Wales Rules.


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