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Music and Music Education
 Music and Music Education


The study of Music at UNSW enables students to develop their musicianship and musical skills for professional work in areas as diverse as performance, private teaching, broadcasting, recording, arts administration, concert planning, music and general arts journalism, arranging and composition.

Students undertake core studies in musicology, musicianship and performance, music history, style, musical perception and analysis, music in its cultural contexts, as well as studies in musical technology, jazz studies and composition. At the same time, students have enough flexibility in their program to enable them to combine music studies with substantial work in a related discipline such as theatre, film, languages, English literature and language, history, or philosophy.

Music Education is also offered at UNSW. This program is designed to enable students to secure a professional teaching qualification, in addition to developing their competence in music.

Studying Music and Music Education at UNSW

The study of Music and Music Education is primarily through the School of English, Media and Performing Arts. At the undergraduate level, music is available within the Bachelor of Music program and related combined degree programs. It can also be taken as a major sequence with the Bachelor of Arts. The School offers a Bachelor of Music Education program and also a Diploma in Music. An Honours program is also available. Opportunities for postgraduate study are available in both Music and Music Education.

Music can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name At the Level of Plan
3400 Arts Honours
3402 Media and Communications Major MUSCB13402
3403 Arts Major
3418 Music Major MUSCA13418
3425 Music Major
3427 Music/Arts Major
3428 Media (Media Production) Minor MUSCA23428
3429 Media (Comms & Journalism) Minor MUSCA23429
3433 Media (Screen & Sound) Minor MUSCA23433
3434 Media (PR and Advertising) Minor MUSCA23434
3448 Music/Science Major MUSCA13448
3449 Music/Science(Advanced) Major MUSCA13449
3525 Commerce/Arts Major
3526 Economics/Arts Major
3539 Commerce (Liberal Studies) Major MUSCA13539
3703 Engineering / Arts Major MUSCA13703
3841 Arts/Medicine Major MUSCA13841
3930 Science/Arts Major MUSCA13930
3931 Advanced Science/Arts Major MUSCA13931
3933 Advanced Mathematics/Arts Major MUSCA13933
3970 Science Minor MUSCA23970
4035 Social Work/Arts Major MUSCA14035
4760 Arts / Law Major MUSCA14760
4806 Art Theory/Arts Major MUSCA14806

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Music Education can be studied in the following Programs 

Program Code & Name At the Level of Plan
3426 Music/Education Major

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