Architectural Studies - 3261

Program Summary

Faculty: Built Environment

Contact: Built Environment

Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 3 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC For Award: 144

UAC Code: 423000

Domestic Entry Requirements: See Domestic Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements


Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Major)

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Program Description

Program Summary:

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree provides academic education in the practice and theory of architecture. It requires full time attendance for three years. In combination with the Master of Architecture, it is designed to deliver an architectural education appropriate to contemporary multidisciplinary professional practice. Graduates will be eligible to apply for entry into the Master of Architecture program at UNSW.

Progression through the program is by stages, each comprising two semester-long design studios and their corresponding supporting courses. Admission to each stage is subject to the successful completion of the design courses of the preceding stages, except where approval has been given by the Director of Architecture.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The Program provides students with a disciplinary grounding in architectural design and related technical and academic knowledge.

It prepares students to work in architecture and other design-based industries. It also prepares students to undertake the Master of Architecture Program, a two year accredited degree required by students intending to undertake the professional examinations within their state or territory in order to become registered Architects. Lectures and practical sessions cover the following areas:

1. Architectural Design
2. Architectural Communications
3. Architectural History and Theory
4. Architectural Science and Technology
5. Architectural Construction and Structures

Program Structure

Year 1

Semester 1
All commencing first year Architectural Studies students are also required to enrol in a workshop training course called Fabrication Fundamentals. This course is compulsory, but is has no credit points and there are no fees for this course.

Semester 2
  • Open Elective (6 UOC)

Year 2

Semester 1
  • Open Elective (6 UOC)
  • General Education (6 UOC)

Semester 2
  • General Education (6 UOC)

Year 3

Semester 1
  • Interdisciplinary Learning Course (6 UOC)

Semester 2
  • Interdisciplinary Learning Course (6 UOC)
NOTE:The 12UOC of Interdisciplinary Learning Courses can be undertaken at any stage from the end of Year 2 to the end of Year 3 including summer terms.

Additionally, students are not required to undertake the other elective and general education requirements in the exact order as indicated in the above program structure. This structure provides a suggested order for the completion of these elective and general education requirements, however a student can choose to do them in a different sequence. For example, a student may choose to complete a second general education course in S1 of Yr 2 and undertake the 6 UOC of open elective in S2 of Yr 2.

A list of 2016 Interdisciplinary Learning Courses is below:

Summer Semester:
Semester 1:
Semester 2:
Students are required to choose 2 courses from the suite of Built Environment Interdisciplinary courses to complete a minimum of 12uoc of BEIL courses.


Graduates of this degree who achieve a credit average are eligible to apply for the 1 year Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Honours) program.

Further information about the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Honours) program can be found here: BArchStudies(Honours)

Pass with Distinction
Students completing the 3 year Bachelor of Architectural Studies program, who will not proceeding to the Honours year may graduate with Distinction if they achieve an overall WAM of 75.

Academic Rules

1. The degree of Bachelor of Architectural Studies is awarded after the successful completion of a minimum of 144 units of credit.

2. To fulfil these requirements, students must complete:

Depth Component
  • 108 units of specified core courses, being all those prescribed in the faculty regulations for this program.
  • 12uoc of FBE Electives from the list of Interdisciplinary Learning Courses (see list above)

Breadth Component
  • 12 units of open (free) electives, selected in accordance with the faculty regulations for undergraduate study in the Faculty of the Built Environment (see below).
  • 12 units of General Education in accordance with University requirements (see below).
3. The degree of Bachelor of Architectural Studies is awarded at Honours level after the successful completion of a minimum of 192 units of credit including 48 units in an approved Honours program.

4. The standard duration of the program is 3 years consisting of 6 semesters of full-time study (24 units of credit per semester). This is extended by 1 year (or 2 semesters), if the Honours program is attempted. Students taking less than the standard full-time load will be extending the duration their program and will need to note that many courses are only offered in one of the two main semesters.

5. Students are not able to enrol in two design studios concurrently.

General Education Requirements

Open (free) Electives
Open electives can be chosen from any courses offered by any Faculty at UNSW for which the student meets prerequisite or other enrolment requirments. The exceptions are those specific General Education GEN prefix courses which cannot be counted as open electives. Open electives do not need to be taken outside the Faculty, students can choose FBE electives as open electives.


For information regarding fees for UNSW programs, please refer to the following website:  UNSW Fee Website.

Professional Recognition

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program (3261) are eligible to become Student Members of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. Graduates of Architectural Studies are eligible to apply for the Master of Architecture degree. It is this degree which will be accredited by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) for the purpose of registration, subject to the prescribed professional experience and examination requirements.

Area(s) of Specialisation