The Legal Landscape of the Sharing Economy - LAWS8185

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Career: Postgraduate

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Indicative Contact Hours per Week: 2

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Prerequisite: Academic Program must be either 9200 or 5740 or 9231 or 5231 or 9210.

Excluded: JURD7685

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This course explores the emerging notion of the 'sharing economy' and its potential contribution to urban sustainability, with a particular focus on the role of law and regulation. The sharing economy has been defined both narrowly, in terms of the ways in which information technology is used to empower individuals or organisations to distribute, share and re-use excess capacity in goods and services; and more broadly, with an emphasis on shared governance, cooperative work, shared information, crowdsourcing, crowd funding, collective activity, community-building, the commons and cooperative ownership. Whether broad or narrow, the focus is on the ways in which ordinary people are experimenting with different ways of moving around, powering themselves, securing food and making a living, making these transactions less wasteful and potentially more social.

LLM Specialisations

Corporate and Commercial Law.
Corporate, Commercial and Taxation Law.
Innovation Law.
Environmental Law.

Main Topics
  • The Sharing Economy
  • Activism and Enterprise
  • Sustainability
  • Cities
  • Legal Entities
  • Harm Prevention and Risk Management
  • Gifts and Contracts
  • Shared Infrastructure
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