Media Arts


Media Arts is the study of technologically based media. Students are prepared for careers in animation and visual effects, photography, film and video, sound design, multimedia and Internet based technologies.

At UNSW, the study of this discipline is through UNSW Art and Design at Paddington. Areas of study include: animation and visual effects, digital media and interactive media.

Animation and Visual Effects: Students in the Animation and Visual Effects stream create media art by employing 3D and traditional animation, motion capture, conceptual animation and digital compositing. They produce media works driven by animation and visual effects including short animation, digital film based works, motion design, video installations, data visualization, digital content and experimental cross media. With knowledge of these media practices students will become critical practitioners, preparing them for careers in the creative industries and a broad range of artistic practices.

Digital Media: Students in the Digital Media stream create media art utilising sound, moving and still images. They work in traditional and cross media forms such as short film, photomedia, audiovisual composition, video art, soundscape and media installation. They create work for the gallery, the screen, and virtual and public spaces. By gaining literacy in electronic media, students become informed authors and critics in contemporary media, preparing them for careers in a wide range of artistic practices.

Interactive Media: Students in the Interactive Media stream explore the creation of rich electronically mediated experiences that operate at a human scale. They explore how interactivity can be utilized to enhance the experience of a work, and how technology can be put into service to create dynamic and responsive environments and objects. Students will work with sensing technologies for controlling audio, visual and/or mechatronic systems, allowing the development of original interactive art and design works, using off-the-shelf components/systems.

Studying Media Arts at UNSW

UNSW Art & Design offers the following undergraduate programs in Media Arts.

Media Arts can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Animation and Visual Effects Minor DIGME24820
Digital Media Minor DIGMD24820
Interactive Media Minor DIGMF24820

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