Sociology and Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology will appeal to you if you are interested in the social and cultural relations through which we live. Gain a greater understanding of the particularity of different times, places, cultures and people, and the connectedness of all forms of life.

What You'll Study

UNSW courses in Sociology and Anthropology explore the realities, conflicts and challenges of life in its many social and cultural forms. You can develop your own interests in particular facets of social life, and choose from options in social theory, cultural studies, feminist theory and ethnography; as well as sociological approaches to communication, the media, politics and policy related studies. You will learn how to explain appropriate research strategies and methods in the construction of sociological and anthropological knowledge.

Sociology and Anthropology can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Sociology and Anthropology Major

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Study Levels

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