At UNSW, the discipline of Law combines the tradition of a university education with the professional education of lawyers.

The study of law involves the analysis of legal institutions, legal theories, principles, and practice. It also examines the rights and duties of individuals, organisations, business and the government with respect to the law.

As well as preparing students for careers in the legal profession, a legal education at UNSW exposes students to social responsibility in its diverse manifestations, covering topics such as human rights and consumer law, as well as corporate and commercial law. It aims to encourage critical understanding, research and debate in all issues relating to the law.

Graduates are employed in leading law firms, at the bar, as legal counsel in large corporations, in management, in government, as associates to the judiciary, and in the varied occupations in which having a law degree is a major advantage.

Studying Law at UNSW

The study of Law at UNSW is primarily through the Faculty of Law.

At the undergraduate level, the Faculty offers numerous combined degree programs (most commonly of 5 years’ duration full-time) from which students graduate with another specialisation in addition to the Bachelor of Laws. Please refer to the table below.

At the postgraduate level, the Faculty offers a three year full-time program, leading to the award of the Juris Doctor. This program is available only to graduates and graduands of Bachelor Degrees (or equivalent) in a field of study other than Law.

Also, a six year part-time program, leading to the award of the Bachelor of Laws, is available only to people over 21 years of age who have completed the University Preparation Program.

Students should note that there are additional requirements for joining the legal profession in New South Wales. International students are advised to consult the appropriate professional body in their home country for details on professional recognition.

Law can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Law Major LAWSA14782

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