International Business


International Business is a rapidly growing field dealing with the development, strategy and management of multinational organisations. It investigates how firms organise and conduct operations globally, and how the competitive international environment shapes the economic, political and cultural context for business.

Job opportunities for International Business graduates range from corporate roles in manufacturing, and financial and professional services to government agencies. Recent graduate positions include: Asset Management Trainee, Business Analyst, Cross-Cultural Advisor, Export and Import Officer, Global Product Coordinator, Government Official, International Business Strategist, International Equity Officer, International Marketing Officer, International Trade Officer, Policy Advisor, Purchasing Officer, Purchasing Support Coordinator and Research Analyst.

Studying International Business at UNSW

International Business is offered as an undergraduate major by the UNSW Business School for students enrolled in commerce, economics, arts or social sciences degrees. The International Business major is designed for students who are interested in business in the global environment and particularly complements studies in Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing or Modern Languages.

Students with above average grades in their International Business courses are invited to join the Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) program. An MPhil program provides students with research opportunities and can lead to a higher degree study in a doctorate program.

International Business can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
International Business Minor IBUSA24782

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