Information Systems and Information Technology


Information systems (IS) are the mechanisms that drive the innovations that are enabling people and organisations to be more creative and productive. In the last decade the explosion in Internet-based information systems has transformed the way we shop, conduct financial transactions, plan holidays, keep in touch with friends, search for jobs and staff, create and share information and much more.

Organisations are always looking for business graduates who understand the technical issues surrounding and impacting their business information systems. Studying Information Systems will provide you with specialist skills essential in developing and implementing information technology solutions for business. Careers for our graduates include:

• Business Consulting
• Forensics and intelligence
• New Product/Service Development
• Internet Entrepreneurship
• Systems Development
• Communications and networking
• Information Systems Security
• Project Management
• Information Technology Management

A career in Information Systems not only provides job flexibility and great earning potential but the opportunity to make a difference in the world of technology

Studying Information Systems and Information Technology at UNSW

IS/IT programs at UNSW are offered at the UNSW Business School.

At an undergraduate level, the UNSW Business School offers:

• Bachelor of Information Systems
• Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems)
• Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Information Systems
• Bachelor of Information Systems (Co-op)
• Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op)

Students with above average grades in their IS courses are invited to join the Honours program, requiring an additional year of study. An Honours year adds extra value to an undergraduate degree and is highly regarded by employers.

Information Systems and Information Technology can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Information Systems Honours INFSAH4501

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