International Relations


International Relations is at the cutting edge of the most pressing global challenges, including peace and security, climate change, development, human rights, governance and inequality. Learn about the complex relationships between state and non-state actors, and think critically about the nature of power and polarisation in the international system.

What You’ll Study

In your introductory courses you will gain an overview of International Relations and go on to develop an advanced understanding of contemporary global challenges and how we seek collectively to address them. You will be encouraged to be a critical and creative thinker, with the ability to identify the effects of significant political events and actors in world politics. The solutions to many national and global problems are often intricately connected with regional and global processes, structures, mechanisms, forces, interests, customs and institutions. Knowing how to identify these solutions, their context and histories, is often challenging, frequently rewarding, and always interesting.

International Relations can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
International Relations Major

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Study Levels

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