Environmental Humanities


Species extinction, climate change, energy security and pollution are just a few of the urgent problems we face today. We will introduce you to broad questions about nature, culture, politics and justice that influence our everyday individual lifestyle decisions and public choices concerning governance, urban development, energy and water security, and biodiversity.

What You'll Study

As a student of Environmental Humanities, you will study topics such as wildlife, environmental history, biotechnology, climate change, communication and education, development and disasters, consumerism and waste. You will learn how contemporary environmental issues are entangled with knowledge claims, social and cultural practices, and fundamental questions of politics, meaning, value and ethics. You will gain insights into the ‘human dimensions’ of environmental issues and identify the value of diverse perspectives and interventions for contemporary environmental challenges.

Environmental Humanities can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Environmental Humanities Major

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Study Levels

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