Chemistry is a science which deals with the design, synthesis, analysis and properties of molecules. The study of chemistry will appeal to those with an enquiring, analytical mind and good powers of observation and deduction. At UNSW, these skills will be further developed during our degree programs.

Graduates are employed within the chemical industry in product development, chemical analysis, manufacturing and processing. Other areas of employment include forensics, agriculture, mining, archaeology, patent law, science policy development, pharmaceutical and health sciences, the development of advanced materials, safety, education and training.

Studying Chemistry at UNSW

Chemistry can be studied within the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry, and the Bachelor of Environmental Science programs. Substantial Chemistry is also included within the Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology). Study of Chemistry within these programs can include a research (Honours) year. Chemistry may also be studied within dual degree programs. Postgraduate research and coursework options in Chemistry are also available.

Chemistry can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Medicinal Chemistry Major

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Study Levels

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