Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


The Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering stream is designed for students with a mechanical engineering major whose interests also lie in realising, commercialising and implementing mechanical and mechatronic systems and designs. The five core courses included as part of this stream have been designed on the basis of world best practice in manufacturing and industrial engineering and reflect a top-down - bottom-up approach, spanning the disciplines of Strategy and Management, Operations and Supply Chains, Analysis and Decision-making, Design of Product-Process Systems and Technology & Automation.

Within each discipline area this stream will cover many conceptual and analytical techniques, all supporting fact- and data-based analysis and decision making with the aim of improved product and process performance, economy and sustainability. This stream is designed to help you to learn how to transform a design from a conceptual stage into a prototype and ultimately into a commercially realisable and viable product. Although the main emphasis will be on product and process, consideration will also be given to designing compatible and appropriate engineering support services. The stream also emphasises the strategic impact of operations decisions and the interfaces between operations and the other functional areas of organisations, including of course, finance.

An engineer trained in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering may be employed in a very flexible and diverse range of disciplines and areas of industrial activity, including; product design, process design, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, quality improvement, technical and commercial analysis and decision making, strategic decision making, consulting, sales support, technical and organisational maintenance, and supply chain management.

Studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at UNSW

The study of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is primarily though the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. At the undergraduate level, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is available within the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program (3707) and relevant dual degree programs. Postgraduate research and coursework programs are also offered by the School.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Mechanical & Manufacturing Eng Major MANFBH3764

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