The discipline of mathematics at UNSW is divided into several areas of study: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Statistics is the science and art of using factual material for modelling and inference. Its mathematical foundations are in the theory of probability and it deals with how to estimate and make decisions using knowledge which is uncertain or observational material which is subject to error. There is a rich interplay of ideas between the theory of statistics and fields such as engineering, medicine and biological and behavioural sciences where statistical problems constantly arise.

Studying Statistics at UNSW

The study of statistics at UNSW is through the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Undergraduate degrees and a range of Masters degrees are available, some with scholarship support, designed to take advantage of the demands of the modern statistical workplace.

Graduates with an UNSW degree in Statistics can be assured of a highly portable and valued skill set for their chosen profession.

Note Also see the "Mathematics" Specialisation Page

Statistics can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Advanced Statistics Major MATHU13589
Statistics Honours MATHTH3589

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