Business Law


Business Law focuses on the legal requirements underpinning and regulating all forms of commercial activity. It explores the concept of business morality and the responsibility of company directors and boards to make ethical business decisions. The purpose of business law is to protect consumers by providing legal guidelines for fair trading, franchising, e-business, commercial contracts and business transactions.

With the increase of globalisation and deregulation, the laws governing business are becoming more complex. Therefore, it is important for all those in business to understand the implications of their actions in a legal context.

Business Law graduates utilise their skills in a range of business positions. Some graduate jobs include: auditor, business analyst, compliance officer, corporate advisor, financial analyst, financial planner, human resources advisor, insolvency advisor, management consultant, policy advisor, risk assessment officer and taxation advisor.

Studying Business Law at UNSW

Business Law is only offered as a major by UNSW Business School for students enrolled in Commerce, Actuarial Studies or Economics degrees. The Business Law major is designed for students who are interested in commercial law rather than entering legal practice. It provides students with an understanding of organisations’ legal obligations and differs significantly from the Bachelor of Laws offered by the Faculty of Law .

The Business Law major complements a range of studies, including Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing. A major in Business Law will assist students in understanding how the legal system impacts on all disciplines in business.

Business Law can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Business Law Major TABLA13584

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