Indigenous Studies


Nura Gili Indigenous Undergraduate Courses
Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that provides you with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the history and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. The stream offerings are designed to prepare you to constructively navigate a range of debates around ethics and Indigenous knowledge that you are likely to encounter in your future professional engagements with Indigenous matters. You will be knowledgeable, confident and creative in applying your disciplines in Indigenous contexts.

Indigenous Studies at UNSW differentiates itself from other approaches by orienting students to develop analytical skills to engage their disciplines more rigorously. This allows more room for you to interrogate both the assumptions and practices of the disciplines and the various Indigenous arguments. Value-adding such knowledge, skills and experience to your primary degree program will enhance your employability, giving you a competitive edge to navigate complex spaces across a range of contexts, sectors and organisations. You will be positioned to confront the dilemmas in theory and practice as intellectual dilemmas, to avoid giving analytical primacy to the political and ideological contests in which these contests are located. This will be crucial to your preparation as independent and reflective thinkers throughout your professional life, within your chosen field.

Indigenous studies courses are available across Arts and dual Arts degrees, with all first, second and third level Indigenous Studies courses (except ATSI3008 Indigenous Studies Capstone) available as a General Education elective for undergraduate students in any Faculty.

Indigenous Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Indigenous Studies Major

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