Psychology is concerned with the scientific and systematic study of the human mind and behaviour, in a wide variety of areas. It encompasses the study of cognitive, social, developmental, behavioural and physiological processes.

Psychologists study people's thoughts, abilities, attitudes and emotions, and motivational processes that underlie behaviour; including people's actions, reactions and interactions with others. It examines brain-behaviour relationships, the processes of perceiving, learning, memory and thinking and the origins of personality and emotional states.

Education in the basic discipline of psychology provides a sound basis for a variety of different occupations. Psychologists work in clinical, correctional, counselling, legal, educational and organisational settings. People with training in psychology also pursue careers in diverse areas including academic and health research; rehabilitation; occupational health and safety; advertising and marketing; and personnel selection, training and management.

Studying Psychology at UNSW

The study of psychology at UNSW is primarily through the School of Psychology. Students can specialise in Psychology within the Bachelor of Psychology, the Bachelor of Psychological Science, the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) and the Bachelor of Science (International) programs and several dual degree programs. Study of Psychology is also available through programs within UNSW Arts and Social Sciences. Please refer to the table below for a complete list. Postgraduate study is also available.

Psychology can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Psychology Minor PSYCM24773

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Study Levels

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