Environmental Science


Environmental Science is concerned with the application of pure and applied sciences to the various environmental issues that face our planet. This includes areas such as environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity, water resources, climate change and issue of environmental management. The Environmental Science program and the majors in the BSc and BSc(Adv) incorporate both depth and breadth of study in various key fields of science, in addition to interdisciplinary areas such as environmental law, economics and public policy. These programs also link into the major research areas undertaken by various Schools and Research Centres in the Faculty of Science. The programs also make use of UNSW’s research field stations.

Environmental Science programs open up diverse career opportunities, including research, policy-making in government agencies, industry management or community consultancy. The programs are also designed to develop valuable generic skills that will be useful in any professional setting.

Studying Environmental Science at UNSW

Environmental Science at UNSW may be studied through the BEnvSc program or by undertaking the relevant majors in the BSc, BSc(Adv), BSc(International), or BSc&Business programs. These programs or majors are largely run through the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Studies and other school in the Science Faculty. Environmental program also prepare students to undertake master level coursework or research programs.

Environmental Science can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Environmental Management Honours ENVSUH4500

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