Computer Science and Engineering


The discipline of Computer Science and Engineering can be broken down into two parts.

Computer Engineering
The discipline of Computer Engineering prepares students to undertake the production of high quality computer systems that will meet the needs of industry for efficient, reliable computer systems and be of general benefit to society. Specialisations within Computer Engineering include elecommunications, electronics, system and control and advanced computing.

Computer Engineering graduates work in the development and application of computing technology, especially systems that integrate software and hardware. Career opportunities
include computer systems engineers, communications engineers or design team leaders.

Computer Science
Computer Science involves the study of omputational systems, and encompasses the fundamental areas of algorithms, networks, databases, graphics and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science graduates are employed as application programmers, user support (identifying problems and potential solutions) or system analysts, database administrators.

The major areas of Computer Science are:
• Software engineering methodologies
• Database design and implementation
• Operating systems and computer networks
• Microprocessor-based systems
• Computer graphics, artificial intelligence and robotics
• Human computer interaction

Studying Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW

The study of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at UNSW is primarily through the
School of Computer Science and Engineering which offers a number of undergraduate single and combined degree programs of study (please refer to the tables below for all related programs/plans). The School also offers honours, postgraduate, and research programs.

Computer Science and Engineering can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Artificial Intelligence Major COMPI13963
Computer Game Design & Const. Major COMPG13963
Computer Networks Major COMPN13963
Computer Science Major COMPA13963
Database Systems Major COMPD13963
Electronic Commerce Major COMPE13963
Embedded Systems Major COMPS13963

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