Sociology and Anthropology


UNSW Sociology and Anthropology study the realities, conflicts and challenges of life in its many social and cultural forms. At UNSW the disciplines have been brought together in order to better appreciate the complexity of our lived experiences, leading to a reconsideration of otherness and the human. We offer study in areas such social theory, cultural studies, feminist theory, social anthropology, sociological approaches to communication and public media, political sociology, ethnic studies and policy-related studies.

What you will study

Our courses in Sociology and Anthropology explore the social and cultural realities of life in all its forms. You can choose from options in sociology, social anthropology, ethnography, cultural theory, cultural studies and sociological approaches to communication and the public media, political sociology and place studies, and policy related studies.

Sociology and Anthropology can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Sociology and Anthropology Major

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Study Levels

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