Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic approach to managing an organisation’s employees. It is based on the premise that the most progressive business strategy can only be executed effectively when staff are committed to the organisation’s objectives.

Recent graduate positions include: Employment Relations Consultant, Human Capital Coordinator, Human Resources Officer, Learning and Development Officer, People and Culture Specialist, Recruitment Officer, Remuneration Officer, Staff Development Officer and Training Coordinator.

Studying Human Resource Management at UNSW

Human Resource Management is offered as an undergraduate major by the UNSW Business School for students enrolled in commerce, economics, arts or social sciences degrees. The HRM major is designed for students who are interested in a career in human resources or managing employees, and complements studies in Finance, International Business or Business Law, as well as Psychology in a combined degree with science or arts.

Students with above average grades in their Human Resource Management courses are invited to join the Honours program, requiring an additional year of study. An Honours year adds extra value to an undergraduate degree and is highly regarded by employers.

Human Resource Management can be studied as 

Specialisation Stream Type Stream
Human Resource Management Major

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