Korean Studies


Korean Studies at UNSW provides students with the opportunity to develop a balance of competent Korean language skills and in-depth knowledge and understanding of Korea.

Korea is one of Australia’s largest trading partners, and the political, sociocultural and educational dimensions of the relationship are ever becoming increasingly important. The Republic of Korea presents an interesting case for economic and social development in human history. It is the first country that has transformed itself from an aid recipient to donor, and is emerging as a major exporter of popular culture more recently.
Graduates with Korean skills and knowledge are found working in various fields as international relations, security, trade, commerce, technology, education, tourism and community services.

Studying Korean at UNSW

A major in Korean Studies is available in the Bachelor of Arts and related combined degree programs. Students from other faculties may also enrol in Korean Studies courses to fulfil the General Education requirements of their Bachelor degree.

The study of the Korean language may commence at beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. Through an online placement process, students will be allocated to the most suitable course level.

Korean Studies also offers an Honours year and postgraduate programs at Masters and Doctorate levels.

Korean Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Advanced Korean Studies Major
Korean Studies Major

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Study Levels

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