Japanese Studies


The discipline of Japanese Studies aims to provide distinct educational opportunities, including:
  • Developing Japanese language skills to prepare students for engagement in professional intercultural communications in both global and domestic arenas.
  • Fostering an awareness of Japan's culture, history and society.
  • Producing graduates with the skills to use a variety of technological mediums in Japanese (i.e. internet navigation, word-processing and email).
Japan is of increasing fundamental importance to Australia for political, strategic and economic reasons in realisation of Australia in the Asian Century. Japanese linguistic, socio-linguistic, and socio-cultural skills are highly sought after in the Australian context and potential career opportunities for students are diverse. Japanese Studies' graduates can be found working in government, the corporate and tourism sectors and in language education, law and research, both locally and globally.

Studying Japanese at UNSW

A major sequence in Japanese Studies is available in the Bachelor of Arts and related combined degree programs as well as other degrees. Students from other faculties may also enrol in Japanese courses.

For students with HSC or other Japanese language studies (including background speakers), a multipoint entry system operates and, subject to the result of an individual’s placement questionnaire, students will be allocated to the most suitable course level.

Honours and postgraduate study are also available.

Japanese Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Advanced Japanese Studies Major
Japanese Studies Minor

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Study Levels

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