International Relations


A contemporary, dynamic, discipline, International Relations is the study of politics at the international, cross-national, transnational, regional, and global, level. Although a relatively modern discipline, it is one of increasing relevance in the contemporary world because of what can be broadly termed globalisation. We are constantly reminded of the impact of international relations on everyday lives from climate change to agricultural trade, from terrorism to refugees. A major in International Relations is therefore at the cutting edge of current concerns. The solutions to many national problems are now intricately linked with regional and international treaties and conventions. International Relations is most closely related to the study of Politics but it is has links with other disciplines, including International History, Economics, and Law. UNSW has research strength in several sub-disciplines of International Relations, including International Political Economy, and the Politics of International Law.

Studying International Relations at UNSW

The study of International Relations is primarily through the School of Social Sciences. See refer to the table below for a list of plans available.

International Relations can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
International Relations Minor IRELA24054

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