Dance Studies


Dance Studies aims to produce dance artists, writers, researchers, educators and arts workers ready to enter the performing arts industry and secondary and tertiary educational institutions. Thinking, Writing and Making dance are three broad areas of study linked by the key terms of corporeality and movement.

Thinking: Your studies will cover the history, theory and analysis of dance in diverse cultural contexts, locating dance within a larger ecology of related national and international practices and knowledges. This expansion is also reflected in the interdisciplinary orientation of the major stream, reflecting current practice in the field of dance practice and theory.

Writing: Students are encouraged to develop a writing practice alongside their creative or theoretical interest in dance, and explore the various relationships between writing and dancing.

Making: The major streams studio-based content involves movement-based practices and techniques, recognising the role of studio-based learning and the develop physical knowledge which is fundamental to the discipline of dance.

Dance Studies at UNSW has strong ties with local industry through teaching staff and associated professional residencies, and is aligned with the existing ecology of dance practice in NSW with a focus on self-authored movement research, offering clear pathways to higher research in Creative Practice and Dance Theory.

Dance Studies – Program Options
Dance Studies is offered as a major or minor within the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and concurrent programs. The UNSW BA provides the opportunity to combine two disciplines from a choice of over thirty five majors and minors. Dance Studies is also offered as:

- A teaching specialisation in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (with a Major in Dance Studies)
- A fourth (Honours) year for high achieving students
- Postgraduate research programs
- Free or prescribed faculty electives.

Dance Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Dance Studies Major DANCA14054

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