Chinese Studies


Chinese is a fascinating modern language with a rich cultural heritage and an increasingly important medium in global business and communication. At UNSW, Chinese Studies encompasses the study of Chinese language and communication as well as culture, society and civilisation, including Chinese literature, cinema, history, politics and philosophy. A background in Chinese Studies is useful in many areas of professional specialisation, from commerce and the business sector to tourism, the media, the public service sector and education.

At UNSW, Chinese language may be studied at Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional Studies levels, depending on a student's knowledge of Chinese characters and spoken language.

Studying Chinese at UNSW

Chinese Studies is offered as an undergraduate major in many degree programs within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and in other degree programs. Please refer to the table below.

Chinese Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Advanced Chinese Studies Minor
Chinese Studies Minor

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Study Levels

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