Greek Studies


Greek Studies enable you to explore the long and fascinating linguistic and cultural heritage of one of Australia’s most important migrant groups and equip you with appropriate knowledge and skills for communicating in Modern Greek. Through language study, you will acquire an understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which the Greek language is used and develop an understanding of Greece, its place in the world and its legacy in Australia.

At UNSW, Greek Studies combine the teaching of practical language skills with the study of history, society, culture and customs. You will gain knowledge and skills relevant to a wide range of career paths from business, trade and commerce to diplomacy, tourism and the media.

Studying Greek Studies at UNSW
Greek Studies is offered as an undergraduate minor in many degree programs within UNSW Arts & Social Sciences and in other degree programs. Please refer to the table below.

Greek Studies can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Greek Studies Minor GREKA23987

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Study Levels

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