Marketing is about communicating value to consumers in order to develop and maintain relationships with customers, clients, suppliers and distributors. Understanding consumer needs and desires is a key aspect of marketing, which uses market analysis and research to determine effective ways to build profitable customer satisfaction.

Global competition has resulted in marketing playing an increasingly important role in assisting all types of companies to maintain their competitive edge.

Graduate opportunities exist in a range of areas including: Advertising Assistant, Brand/Product Coordinator, Business Development Consultant, Consumer Researcher, Market Researcher, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Coordinator, Media Liaison Coordinator, Public Relations Consultant, and Sales and Marketing Coordinator, as well as roles in fund-raising, promotions and publicity.

Studying Marketing at UNSW

Marketing is offered as an undergraduate major by the UNSW Business School. It is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing, advertising or public relations and aims to develop specialist marketing knowledge. This major particularly complements business studies such as Finance, Information Systems, Management or International Business.

Students with above average grades in their Marketing courses are invited to join the Honours program, requiring an additional year of study. An Honours year adds extra value to an undergraduate degree and is highly regarded by employers.

Marketing can be studied as 

Specialisation At the Level of Stream
Marketing Major MARKA13938

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