Computer Science - 3778

Program Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering

Contact: Computer Science

Campus: Sydney

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 3 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 6

Max UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC For Award: 144

UAC Code: 425800

Domestic Entry Requirements: See Domestic Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements

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Program Description

Computer Science involves the study of the design, construction and uses of computer systems. It is concerned with the representation of data and data structures in computer systems and the design of algorithms for automatic manipulation of this information by programming languages and machine systems. It is very much concerned with the design and development of hardware and software tools by which computer applications may be developed, but not so much with the applications themselves. It is, however, noted that non-computing elements (such as human interface or psychological aspects) can often dictate the level of success of computing systems. At UNSW, particular emphasis is given to comprehension of the basic principles behind computing tools, operating systems, compilers and translators, and computer hardware.

Further details on the program requirements, electives, and advice regarding the order and placement of courses in the program can be found at: Courses-Programs

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

Please contact the School of Computer Science and Engineering for information on the Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes.

Program Structure

Students must complete one of the following major streams:
COMPA1 is the default stream, and will be used if no other stream is selected.

Only one major may be taken, although it may be possible to change majors during the program if this is done early enough or if an appropriate set of courses has been taken up to that point.

Optionally, students may complete a minor stream from:
  • ACCTB2 - Accounting (30 UOC)
  • FINSA2 - Finance (30 UOC)
  • INFSA2 - Information Systems (30 UOC)
  • MARKB2 - Marketing (30 UOC)
  • MATHC2 - Mathematics (36 UOC)
  • PSYCM2 - Psychology (36 UOC)
Note that minors are only available when Computer Science is taken in single-degree mode.

Regardless of the stream(s) taken, students must complete:
  • 144 UOC (single degree mode)
  • 96 UOC stream including 66-78 UOC core and 18-30 UOC electives
  • Free Electives (36 UOC)
  • General Education (12 UOC)
Note that the Computing Electives can include COMP courses from the major streams. Note also that Free Electives can include COMP courses (e.g. COMP2041, COMP2121)

The disciplinary core comprises 96UOC in one of the approved major streams. All of the major streams satisfy the requirements for accreditation with our professional body, the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Note that all of the majors require all 66 UOC of the courses specified above to be completed; the rest of each major is comprised of 24UOC of COMP electives specific to the area of the major, plus 6UOC of other COMP electives, to a total of 30UOC.

Some or all of the 36UOC of Free Electives may be used in completing a minor. In this case, the 36UOC plus the 12UOC General Education form the breadth/maturity component.

When Computer Science is taken as part of a dual award, students must complete just the disciplinary core:
  • 96 UOC (dual degree mode)
  • 96 UOC stream including 66-78 UOC core and 18-30 UOC electives

Academic Rules

Please refer to the Program Structure above.


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