Digital Media - 4810

This Program is no longer accepting new enrolments

Program Summary

Faculty: Faculty of Art & Design


Campus: Paddington

Career: Undergraduate

Typical Duration: 3 Years  

Typical UOC Per Semester: 24

Min UOC Per Semester: 3

Max UOC Per Semester: 27

Min UOC For Award: 144

Domestic Entry Requirements: See Domestic Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements: See International Entry Requirements


Bachelor of Digital Media (Honours)

Bachelor of Digital Media (Major)

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Program Description

Note: This course is invalid for students commencing 2013.

This program is no longer taking enrolments and has been replaced by the
Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours) (4816).

The Bachelor of Digital Media (BDM) is the equivalent of three years full-time study, designed to meet industry demand for creative practitioners and content developers who possess multiple skills and breadth of knowledge in interactive media, sound, web design, digital imaging, 3D modelling, animation, critical and creative thinking within the domain of digital media. The BDM offers students strong fundamentals combined with creative development and flexibility in the later stages of the program to shape the nature of their core studies.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The Bachelor of Digital Media aims to produce creative content developers with sound technical skills and the ability to work creatively and collaboratively across diverse media.

Graduates will be key players in the arts, digital media, entertainment and internet-based media with strengths in creative design and technical innovation.

Program Structure

The degree of Bachelor of Digital Media is awarded as a Pass degree at the completion of three years full-time study. An Honours degree is available through the completion of an additional year of study in the Honours program.

General Education Requirements

General Education is the completion of two courses (12 UOC) offered outside the Faculty of Art and Design.


BDM Honours is a program of higher level study available to BDM students who wish to undertake research in Digital Media, extending into an Honours fourth year. BDM students, after consultation with lecturers, should apply for entry to the program by the end of Session 4 but no later than Session 6. For entry to Honours, a student must have achieved a distinction average in 48 units of core courses from Years 2 and 3.

In the Honours year, students undertake a research program in Digital Media. Each student is allocated a supervisor. Honours students are expected to perform at a satisfactory level throughout the program. The Honours program is full-time. The body of work undertaken will be presented and assessed in exhibition form, accompanied by the presentation of a research paper relating to the student's studio practice.

Academic Rules

1. For the Pass degree, a student must complete and pass 144 units of credit.

2. A degree must contain a major in Digital Media defined as 78 units of credit in approved courses [see Digital Media Table A].

3. A student must complete 30 units of credit in courses approved as Digital Media Contextual Studies [see Digital Media Table B].

4. A student must complete 12 units of credit in General Education.

5. A student must complete 24 units of credit in electives.

6. No more than 60 units of credit in Level 1 courses will be counted toward the degree, with a minimum of 24 units of credit in Level 1 courses being successfully completed prior to undertaking Upper Level courses.

7. To be eligible to graduate with Honours students must complete all requirements of the Pass degree and complete an additional 48 units of credit over the equivalent of 1 year full-time.

a) Entry from completed 3rd year (without having graduated):
To be eligible for entry to Honours a student must have achieved a distinction average in 48UOC in Digital Media core courses in years two and three. Students will normally nominate at the end of year 2 but must nominate no later than the end of year 3.

b) Entry where candidate has graduated with a Pass-level degree:
Applicants with a degree of bachelor at pass level (i.e. without honours) may be permitted to enrol in honours with credit for all courses in the program prior to honours. In this case applicants must satisfy the prerequisites for entry to the honours or the equivalent of those prerequisites.

8. The Honours year consists of:

a) an Honours Paper outlining studio research practice;

b) A Research Practices and Methods course;

c) Honours Studio Practice, which shall lead to an exhibition of work; and

c) attendance at such seminars, lectures and classes as shall be required.

9. Honours is awarded in the following classes: Honours Class 1, Honours Class 2 Division 1 and Honours Class 2 Division 2. The class of Honours awarded shall be determined on the following weightings: Honours Studio Practice 70%, Honours Paper 20%, Research Practices & Methods 10%. Honours is not awarded where the weighted mark is less than 65.


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Digital Media Table A

Digital Media Table B

  • SAHT1101 OR SAHT1211 OR SOMA1600 (6 UOC)

Program Schema (pdf download)

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