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Faculty: COMM - UNSW Business School

School: School of Taxation and Business Law

Contact:  UNSW Business School Student Centre

Program: 3567 - Commerce / Fine Arts


Bachelor of Commerce (Major)

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Stream Outline

NOTE: For Commerce/Law students. Courses listed in the Taxation Major of the BCom (other than TABL1710 and TABL2741) may be counted to the Commerce component of the degree. No other TABL courses may be counted to the degree.

Taxation funds the provision of government services, is a tool in economic management and is an important consideration in all business decisions. Indeed in a modern business environment no decision can be responsibly made without consideration being given to tax implications.

Taxation affects every aspect of commercial life from the choice of business vehicle, to the financing of business operations, to the offshore expansion of a business, to the retirement plans for employees.

Managers, accountants, auditors, financial officers and those working in banking, insurance, international business and government policy development and commerce generally require knowledge of business taxation. Tax consultants assist clients in structuring business transactions in tax effective ways. Tax consultants are highly sought after and are involved in creative, challenging and rewarding work.

Stream Structure

A major in Taxation consists of 48 UOC (8 courses). Two (2) of these courses are specified; the other six (6) are elective courses that are chosen from the list below. At least three (3) of the elective courses completed must be at level 3 (i.e. TABL3XXX). This is regardless of whether you are doing a single major or taking Taxation as a second major

Compulsory courses

Elective courses
Important information:
  1. Other Taxation courses may be taken from the list of courses offered by the School of Taxation & Business Law, with the permission of the Head of School.
  2. Students enrolled in Program 4733, please note that you will not study TABL1710 or TABL2741 (as this material is covered elsewhere in your program), but will instead substitute two other approved TABL courses. Students who have already completed LAWS3147, will not study TABL2751 but will instead choose a third approved TABL course.


Honours level study is available for Taxation students.

Students interested in studying at Honours Level should refer to the relevant Honours stream record for entry requirements.

Additional Information

Please note that these requirements may be subject to change.
Students are advised to follow requirements according to the year they commenced. Please refer to previous editions of the Online Handbook for your program requirements.

Contact the UNSW Business School Student Centre for advice.
Telephone: + 61 2 9385 3189
Location: Level 1, Room 1028, Quadrangle Building
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